Fear of Heights
Spring in a Box
model: Death to Stock
The Fortune Teller
Title: White Beard’s Pyrate Cruise Vacations   The seafaring privateering business was the family business, and this descendent of the infamous pirate, Blackbeard, was known across the Caribbean as White Beard. Privateering hit a slump however, and was no longer a respected or profitable business. After a short and disastrous try at reality television, White Beard decided his profession would not be trivialized by wannabe pirates.  Instead he would create a full service cruise line. Featured on his tall ship are entertainments such as Deck Swabbing, Jig Dancing, and the ever popular Friday Night Walking the Plank; all activities accompanied by large portions of rum. After all, who knows better how to have a good time but a scurvy crew of pirates?
Title: Checking-in at the Madagascar Tree House Hotel. After the social season of 1929 in Newport, Rhode Island, Daisy was exhausted from endless parties and prohibition era excesses. She decided to get away from it all at the Madagascar Tree House Hotel, however she was appalled to discover upon her arrival that the local bellhops were a troop of lemurs and a single spoonbill manned the front desk. Her tip would reflect the service and the management would certainly hear about it.
model: 1920s pack by lockstock, Deviant Art
Title: Capt'n Clyde's Safari Adventures -  Capt’n Clyde was a renowned safari guide and adventurer across 5 continents, with a trophy room that would put any English gentleman to shame. All until one day in 1951, when he and his trusty porter, Gunga, were viciously attacked by a swarm of man-eating piranha as they were crossing a tributary of the Amazon River. After barely escaping with life and limbs intact, this intrepid manly-man succumbed to the power of karma, and converted his safari hunts to safari photo excursions, with never another animal harmed. To this day he travels with his trusty Brownie Target 4X5 camera, proclaiming FILM in the digital age!
model: Jade as Benjiman by jademacilla, Deviant Art
Title: Madame Too Loose – Madame Roxanne Toulouse was a well known entertainer and dancer at the Folies-Bergère until one day, she decided to put out the red light and open her Paris Arts – School of Can-Can. It was an instant success with the trendy bourgeois and women of the Paris upper class, who embraced the bohemian naughtiness of the Can-Can. Plus, it was soon evident that the health benefits were outstanding, providing a complete cardio workout. Their cry became “Can Zumba, Can-Can Rocks!”
Title: Mosquito Girl - By day, Mosquito Girl and her constant companion, Brine Shrimp Boy, are advocates for the persecuted and despised insect inhabitants of the Great Salt flats. By night, she haunts the seamy underbelly of Salt Lake City, shunned and hated by the local inhabitants for the inclusive philosophy she lives by.
Title: Emily Fish - Emily Fish, Private Investigator, a pioneer for women's equality, is known as the 'Socialite Keeper' in her lighthouse on the northern California coast. While not working on cases, she patrols the horizon, armed with binoculars and a CB radio, for any sign of enemy submarines.
Swan and Ducks
She Tied Plastic Flowers on the Tree in Spring
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