Day 1:- Title: Blue Bubble
Theme: Rebirth ~ Challenge: Use enclosed space
Hand painted background
Day 2- Title: Self Portrait with Wildflowers
Theme: Emotion ~ Challenge: Use hidden faces
Hand painted background
Day 3 -Title: There's a Door... Ying and Yang... Open and close.... End or begin?
Theme: Endings Challenge: Use a door
Hand painted background/Virginia City, model: Colby Files
Day 4 -Title: The Red Room
Theme: Spellbound ~ Challenge: Use Warm Light
Hand painted background/Taroudant, Morocco, model: Kathryn
Day 5: Title: Where her Heart Used to Be
Theme: Broken Challenge: Use something shattered
Hand painted background/ shattered glass, model: Colby Files
Day 6: Title: …...but I am a Real Girl.
Theme: Beauty Rework of an original idea that beauty is inside us and is genuine, not some crazy fashionable trend. Model: Jackie.
Day 7: Title: Fighting Time – Self-Portrait
Theme: Time What more can I say, the older I get, the harder I fight.
Day 8 – Title: Flying in Circles
Theme: Potential - not what I had originally planned and took a lot of false starts for some reason, but I think this image is interesting and bright and energetic - appropriate for a theme as positive as potential. I wish I knew the performers' names, but they were captured at a Ren Faire a couple years ago.
Day 9: Title: Re-imagine Serenity – Truckee River
Theme: Visit somewhere new or Re-imagine somewhere familiar
Day 10 – Title: Upside Down, Water and Air
Theme: Being Alive
Day 11 – Title: Scenes from a Car Show
Theme: Diversity ~ Challenge: Photograph a Stranger
nothing veiled or meaningful here - just flat out people having fun on a hot day at the car show
Day 12- Title: Coping Mechanism
Theme: Pressure ~ Challenge: Use Water
model: Jenna
Day 13 – Title: Forgotten
Theme: Forgotten ~ Challenge: Use paper
Paper in this composition is lovely old postcards from the flea market. Hand- painted background.
Day 14 - Title: Wings in a Moment
Theme: Flight ~ Challenge: Make interesting wings
These wings are created from soap foam and feathers, image from Unsplash
Day 15 Growth - self-portrait - Thank you Brooke and this amazing group and my special awake friends that went on this journey with me.
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